What are Soffits and Fascias

Soffits and fascias are two words that you’ve probably heard banded around quite a lot if you’ve been doing some research into roof installation or repair. Many property owners are aware that such things are on their roof, but they couldn’t point them out when asked to. When you consider that these two parts of the structure actually have very important jobs, it makes sense to pay a little more attention to them.

If you head outside and look up at your roof, you’ll see that it comes out a little further than the building. That covering you can see, usually made from vinyl and with vents built in, is called a soffit. It stops animals and other things getting inside the roof and attic, and also prevents excess moisture. The hot air enters the attic and roof from the rest of the home because hot air rises, and the vented soffits help to throw that hot air out, cool air in, and the risks of water damage and mold minimized.

At the edge of your roof, you have a section that finishes it off. It looks a little bit like a cap on the edge. A fascia runs across the front of a soffit, bringing the two pieces (soffit and roof edge) together, and also giving you a structure on which you can install hangers for guttering.

Soffits and fascias, as well as many other parts of your roof, can become damaged in a number of ways. Small animals and birds seem to really like the soffit areas of residential buildings, using vents, cracks, and other little patches to get inside and build a nest. It’s warm and cosy in there for most critters, and it’s no different to building a nest in a tree. It’s not just animals that cause problems for these areas of your roof, though. Water damage can become a problem if leaks aren't attended to, and dams created by moss and leaves, etc., in guttering can cause standing water which can then go on to cause a number of further problems. Heavy standing water can cause the guttering to buckle, which can then cause the hangers to buckle and move, and can even tear weak fascias from the building entirely. If you see damage to these areas of your home, or any other areas of the roof, get in touch with local roofing contractors for an assessment and quote. Ignoring the problem will only prove to be detrimental ... and likely very costly!

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