Roof Renovation vs Roof Replacement: What’s the Difference?

Roofing decisions are big decisions, and every one you make could impact a number of things in your future — how much you’ll pay for your energy bills, whether or not the members of the household becomes ill, and even whether or not your building stays secure, leakproof and structurally stable for as long as it should do. When the time comes that your roof is damaged or worn out to a point where you’ll need to consider renovation or replacement, you’ll want to educate yourself with as much information as possible to decide which course is the right one for you. One of the easiest ways to get a definitive answer on the roof renovation vs roof replacement debate is to ask a professional roofer. Many companies offer a free roof assessment which will then be used to come up with a plan of work, a quote for the materials and labor, and a consultation or chat to figure out what your requirements are. During this time, you can ask the important questions, including if you should be looking at renovating or replacing.

When a roof is getting to the end of its lifespan but has been taken care of very well, a full replacement is sometimes not necessary. Renovations are usually a faster and cheaper option, although that doesn’t always mean that they will be the easiest one. Renovation of your roof could be as simple as giving it a good clean. This is something that roofing contractors can help you with, and they’ll also make sure that other problems are attended to — moss removal, assessment for split and broken shingles or cladding, repairing malfunctioning flashing, and more. If a lot of the shingles are damaged or split, entire sections of the cladding might need to be replaced, or all of the sections. This doesn’t always mean a brand new roof, though, with new underlay, insulation, etc.

The inspection that a roofing contractor or company will carry out before discussing a quote or figuring out a plan of work that needs to be completed will take everything into consideration. Only when that is complete can you work out whether or not renovations or replacements are necessary.

When the roof has fallen into complete disrepair, has so much damage that it would be costlier to repair or renovate than replace, or you would like a roof that has a completely new look to it, roof replacement might be the way forward. All roofs need to be fully replaced at some point, although good maintenance can keep them going for a long time. Without that, though, the roof won’t last anywhere near it should. All roods need maintenance, and we personally recommend booking that annually. Wet and rotting wood can cause you to need a full replacement of your roof, giving you a costly lesson — it is not smart to ignore water damage or a leak up there. Extra pressure brought about by standing water, damp moss, algae, or natural debris can cause parts of the structure to dip and bow, which in turn leads to leaks. Water can find its way into all the places that allow it entry, so if your roof isn’t 100% sealed and waterproofed, it will only be a matter of time before you start to see the tell-tale signs of water damage and excess moisture.

Bad weather can also cause part of or all of the roof to be replaced, particularly if trees or large branches fall or are launched into or onto it. In these types of cases, the actual, visible damage is usually the least of your problems. Things that fall onto your roof can damage the construction of it, causing beams to split or break, underlay boards to become damaged, and even guttering to be torn from the fittings. We recommend getting your roof inspected by a professional after a very bad storm, prolonged periods of bad weather, or if trees/other items hit your roof. They can be incredibly detrimental without any physical signs at all in some cases.

Reroofing is a practice in which a secondary roof is added on top of an existing roof structure. Conditions need to be just right for this to be an appropriate roofing choice, and in some areas, you may need to seek planning permission or advice before going ahead. A roofing contractor or company will know whether or not your roof is suitable for reroofing, and that’s another thing that is considered when looking at a new roof or repairs.

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