The Most Common Roof Problems And How To Repair Them

Every homeowner should take the time to familiarize themselves with some of the most common issues that can affect your roof. By being aware of the more common roofing problems, you will be better able to spot them early. This is crucial to getting the repairs completed in a timely manner. After all, the longer you put off a roof repair, the worse it can get. In some cases, an unresolved issue can lead to damage to other areas of your home or the need for a full roof replacement, both of which can be expensive. To avoid that, be on the lookout for the following issues and know the best solution for each.

Lack Of Maintenance
One of the biggest issues with roofs is a lack of proper maintenance. This can be problematic on any style of roof since maintenance is essential for ensuring your roof remains strong. If you do not clear off the roof and gutters regularly, water can pool and lead to all types of damage. Maintenance also gives you the chance to spot other roof-related problems early.

Poor Installation
Unfortunately, poor installation is sadly common when it comes to roofing, particularly if a homeowner attempts to do it themselves or hires a cheap contractor that cuts corners to save money. If the roofing is installed improperly, this increases the chances of future issues and will decrease the structure’s life expectancy. Avoid this type of problem by always choosing a reputable roofing company that is licensed. If you suspect poor installation, consult a reputable roofer to see if they can repair the problem.

Moisture And Water
Water can also cause significant damage to your roof if it is in poor shape or you do not take the proper precautions. A range of problems with the roof, or even clogged gutters, can lead to water pooling on the structure. When water pools, it can begin seeping into the roofing material, causing it to weaken. It may also lead to leaks, particularly if there is already other damage to the roof. Pooling water can also lead to problems like mold and rot, including underneath the roof. Avoid water damage by ensuring your gutters and roof remain clear, as this prevents pooling. If you do notice pooling water, consult a roofer so they can determine what is causing the pooling and resolve the problem. In addition to buildup in gutters, another common cause of pooling water is incorrect drainage of your HVAC unit.

Tree Damage
Trees are another common culprit when it comes to damage to roofs, causing a range of issues. If limbs reach over the roof, they may brush against the surface of your shingles, wearing away their protective top layer and weakening them. Or branches may fall down during a storm and damage the roof. Even in perfect weather, a tree overhanging your roof will drop leaves and the occasional twig. This leads to blockage on the roof which can cause pooling water. The simplest solution to this problem is prevention. If you have any trees that reach over your roof or right next to it, make it a point to trim them back.

Leaking Roofs
It should go without saying that a leaking roof will be a major concern and is among the most common issues homeowners experience. Unfortunately, dealing with a leaking roof is not straightforward since there can be any number of causes for the leak. The first thing you should do if you notice a leak in your roof is try to find the source and take care of it, ideally with the help of a roofing professional. Remember that delaying repairs for a leaky roof can cause water damage to the roof itself as well as structures immediately below it. Some of the common causes of roof leaks include broken shingles or slate and cracked flashing. You are most likely to spot the leak by pipes or vents, around skylights, by gutters, at flashing points, by damaged shingles, by the chimney, or in valleys or low spots. In addition to the dripping water, be on the lookout for damp walls or discolored ceilings.

Shrinkage occurs when the materials used in your roof begin to shrink over time. This is particularly common with roofs that use EPDM, but it can also occur with any roof covering. When shrinkage occurs, it leads to crackling and deterioration of flashing and other components. The best solution for shrinkage is to consult a professional roofer as they should be able to make repairs to the affected areas.

The Best Solution Is Always Professional Repairs
No matter the problem that your roof is facing, you should always consult professional roofers as part of your solution. They will be able to determine that the problem is what you think it is and resolve it quickly, effectively, and safely.

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