A Simple Guide to Copper Roof Shingles

Copper roof shingles are fairly common older and grand buildings, such as churches, schools and hospitals The material has been used as a roofing one for many hundreds of years, mostly because of its flexibility and durability. It can sometimes be an expensive option upfront, but in the long term definitely ends up being a wise investment. This can only be said if the entire structure is well cared for, however. Just as with many other roof materials, a copper roof can easily and quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

One of the most important features of copper roofs is the color-changing properties, turning from a bronzed-brown shade, to a beautiful turquoise green one. This process can take over twenty years to happen naturally, but there are ways that you can speed this process along. Many would describe this material on the roof as an ‘elegant choice’, and manufacturers now offer copper shingles that look like other finishes and materials, such as wood shakes, slate tiles, clay tiles, and more. Specialist companies even offer a vaster array than the traditional materials or styles that you’re used to seeing.

There are many benefits to installing a copper shingle roof, but one of the propertied that stands out the most is the color-changing one. The roof itself can last for fifty years or more when taken care of, and many structures that were built many hundreds of years ago are still standing proudly today. This is testament to the strength and durability of this style of roof, and also explains why it is a popular choice today, albeit a usually quite expensive one.

The aesthetic appeal is definitely one highlight, but the fact that material doesn’t succumb to the elements is another. Copper roofs tend to have fewer problems with algae and moss, and isn’t easily battered or broken by high winds or forceful hailstones. It’s also a material with a high resistance to fire, doesn’t react to drastic changes in temperature or climate, and requires minimal maintenance. You can add energy efficiency to the list of pros too. The heat is reflected away from the building when you have a copper roof installed, and this means that can take control of the temperature within that building with much more ease. Hot air doesn’t escape easily during the winter, costing you more to heat your home or building. The escape of cool air conditioning-air during summer is also reduced.

One of the biggest cons that many people are turned off by with a copper roof is the fact that it can be quite expensive to install. There are various shingle options available, extending the cost range from around a dollar per square foot to over $15 or $20 per square foot. It all depends on the actual materials uses, the labor required to install it, and whether or not there is high demand for copper roofing in your area. If they are a rare style, you may have a little trouble locating a specialist in that roofing field. In turn, the prices for that particular area could be a little higher. In areas where copper shingles are very popular, there are likely to be more trained specialists to deal with the demand. In such areas, the prices might still be fairly high, being a specialist subject, but lower than in low-demand areas.

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