Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse

One of the most important parts to a sound building is a solid roof. You can’t keep your family safe and protected from the elements in a home with roof problems. Likewise, you can’t run a functioning business if your commercial building has problems with its roof. For this reason, you should stay on top of your building maintenance and regularly inspect the roof for signs of impending collapse. Some of the following signs will help alert you if there are problems with the structure of your home or commercial building.

Sagging Ceilings
A very common sign of roof problems is seeing a sagging area in your roof. Some areas will start to show strain before others. It may be in the form of a large bubble, low sloping tile or support beams that are no longer holding straight. If you notice sagging, it’s a good idea to act fast because it may be only days away before a much larger problem occurs. Catching trouble early on will help minimize both the damage and the cost. It will also help minimize the time spent working on repairs.

Damage from Weather
It’s important to take note of how different factors, such as weather conditions, affect your roof. Snow can cause all sorts of problems, between the extra weight and the water damage. In addition, high winds can be a factor in roof collapse. If you live in an area with these types of weather conditions, it’s a good idea to ramp up your roof inspections. You should also get in the habit of keeping your roof clear of snow if possible. This will help minimize the opportunity for damage.

Ceiling and Interior Wall Cracks
The interior of your building can alert you to structural problems early on. If you notice cracks in the interior walls or ceiling, there is likely a reason behind the damage and you won’t want to ignore it. If you notice damage like this, you should prioritize finding out why the deterioration is happening. Whether it’s a beam that’s starting to rot, or a wall that has been compromised, you will want to get it repaired.

Ripples or Bends in Roof Supports
You may not have cracks in your home, but instead notice there are ripples or bends in your interior walls or support system, this can be a strong indicator there is stress to your roof and structure. If you notice this, it’s important to find out where the damage is coming from right away and get it repaired.

Exterior Masonry Cracks
If you ever built a tower as a child, you are familiar with how the exterior may change showing stress. Your home may show the same symptoms. There will be bowing or cracks in the masonry, and this can be along the exterior where it meets the roof. If you notice these problems, it’s a good idea to get an inspection right away. The sooner you discover the damage and get it repaired, the less costly the problem will become.

Hard to Open Doors and Windows
While an older home with aged windows may incur trouble during different weather changes, it isn’t common to have doors and windows struggle to open or close. If a door that was previously easy to open and close becomes problematic, it could be a key sign there is shifting in your home. Some interior doors may suffer trouble from roof damage, and checking into these problems can help prevent further damage.

One of the loudest warning signs you may be suffering from roof damage is seeing leaks within your home. This is a clear sign there is something not working right, and you need to check for repairs before more damage occurs. If you see an interior leak, it’s a clear sign your roof has been compromised. You will need to hire professionals to repair the leak, clean up the mess and prevent any further damage. The quicker you identify the source, the less of a chance you will have of suffering irreparable damage.

Sprinkler Heads Misaligned
If your commercial building has a sprinkler system and you begin to notice

A Feeling of Shifting
It can be particularly noticeable in a second story home, where you have a feeling of shifting or even movement in the home. If you notice a sense of shifting, it’s important to have professionals in to inspect your roof. If there are floors that feel soft, uneven floors or new drafts, there may be problems with the structure of your home.

Unusual Creaks and Groans
If there is a lot of popping and creaking in your home, you shouldn’t just consider it from settling and aging. These sounds may be your early warning to a problematic roof collapse and should be inspected.

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