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Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need repair of one or two areas with leaks or other problems to be as good as new.

Roof Replacements

When your roof is in total disrepair, we remove your old roof, repair the roof deck, and replace the roof.

Roof Inspections

If you haven't had the roof looked at in the last 5 years, now is the time to do it to prevent problems!

Skylights / Vents

We install skylights to allow natural light into your home, as well as above industry standard vents.

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At Vermont Roof Contractor, our goal is your complete satisfaction with our roof work. This means providing you with best-in-industry service and products, at the most competitive prices possible, and providing you with an excellent roofing experience. We have serviced both homeowners and businesses in Vermont for more than 20 years, so you can trust that we understand the challenges of your specific roof issue, and can provide the correct solution with the highest quality work. Your roof is a essential part of your home, and our Vermont roof repair work ensures that your property value increases and your family is kept safe and secure for years to come. You can have confidence that our team of professionals will do the job right. Contact your local branch 24/7 to discuss your Vermont roofer needs and schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!


Vermont Roofing Tip of the Month: Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Siding with Vinyl

Vinyl sidings have been introduced in the American market in the 1950s.This is the age when the aluminum siding is the preferred material of most American homes. The early variation of vinyl was poorly manufactured that lead to its bad reputation. Manufacturers originally used inferior materials on vinyl siding that are prone to sagging and cracking. Thanks to the advancement in the technology and the process, vinyl siding of today has greatly been improved.

The Advantages of Using Vinyl Siding

The exterior look of your house will depend upon a host of factors. This may include the window, the siding, color scheme, roofing materials and the color. If you are looking for the materials that you will use in your siding, there are valid reasons why you should consider the vinyl siding.

It Costs Less

Generally, vinyl siding is one of the more popular choice for most of the US homeowners since the price is reasonable. According to the average estimate, installation of the vinyl siding may cost you at about $2,500-$8,700 for a property with an area of 1,250sqft. This is significantly cheaper compared to wood siding that may cost at around $6,500-$10,000. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money that you can use for your other home improvement projects.


Today, the available vinyl siding comes in a variety of profiles, textures, and colors. This will provide you a complete flexibility when designing your house. if you love the appearance of the cedar shakes but you prefer the resistance of the vinyl siding, a vinyl replacement can appear to be an authentic cedar. In fact, it will be difficult to tell which the vinyl or cedar is even for those with a discerning eye. Some vinyl replacement can also mimic the appearance of premium materials such as Victorian scallops.


Vinyl siding is manufactured to withstand different weather and environmental elements. It will remain intact during a serious impact from hail and it can resist high winds. Apart from this, the vinyl material will not absorb moisture that protect your house from water damages. Therefore, your house will not corrode or rot. In some instances, the supplier can even provide you with a lifetime warranty that is transferrable to at least 50 years to the new owners.

Simple Maintenance

With regards to the different siding materials, vinyl probably requires the lowest amount of maintenance. Perhaps the low-maintenance feature can be attributed to its high resistance against pests, rot, and blights. You only must provide it with simple cleaning, and it will be able to keep its original appearance for several years. It also does not require repainting unlike wood siding.

To end, insulated type of vinyl siding prevents a major heat loss. While most of the house come with insulation in their wall stud, this section tends to bleed heat especially in the area where the stud and the exterior siding connects. The vinyl siding serves as an extra protection that will make your house more energy efficient.

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