Rock Hill Roofing Contractors

Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need repair of one or two areas with leaks or other problems to be as good as new.

Roof Replacements

When your roof is in total disrepair, we remove your old roof, repair the roof deck, and replace the roof.

Roof Inspections

If you haven't had the roof looked at in the last 5 years, now is the time to do it to prevent problems!

Skylights / Vents

We install skylights to allow natural light into your home, as well as above industry standard vents.

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At Rock Hill Roof Contractor, our goal is your complete satisfaction with our roof work. This means providing you with best-in-industry service and products, at the most competitive prices possible, and providing you with an excellent roofing experience. We have serviced both homeowners and businesses in Rock Hill for more than 20 years, so you can trust that we understand the challenges of your specific roof issue, and can provide the correct solution with the highest quality work. Your roof is a essential part of your home, and our Rock Hill roof repair work ensures that your property value increases and your family is kept safe and secure for years to come. You can have confidence that our team of professionals will do the job right. Contact your local branch 24/7 to discuss your Rock Hill roofer needs and schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!


Rock Hill Roofing Tip of the Month: Your Complete Guide on Roof Coating

Contingent upon the materials used in constructing your roofing system, the average lifespan of your roof can be around 20, 30, or 50 years. The roofing materials, the way it is installed, and different environmental elements can affect the longevity of your roof. In order to extend the functionality of your roof, you may use a roof coating. This product can be applied on a completed roof that will further enhance its lifespan.

Why Do You Need to Use Roof Coating?

The standard type of roof coating is designed to retract and expand that greatly reduce the probability of acquiring damages. Regardless of the weather condition, your roof can enjoy the benefit of an additional layer of protection.

They Can Outperform Most Roof

Most of the roof coating can be installed easily compared to the other roofing materials in the market today. You simply must inspect the roof and repair the damages. You will have to clean the roof before applying the primer. Afterwards, you can now use the roof coating. The roof coatings have gone through a meticulous engineering process that allows them to last for several years. Apart from this, they also do not come with seam which is one of the most commonly damaged parts of the roof. Therefore, you will encounter fewer issues with roof coating.


Roof coating serves as an extra protection for your roof. By using this, you can greatly prolong the longevity of your roof and avoid roof replacement. The average cost of roof replacement is about $20,000. Therefore, most homeowners will find ways to delay this process. One excellent way to do that is to use roof coating. In addition, roof coating can also reflect heat and cold winds. It allows you to maintain an ideal indoor temperature without using too much energy.


Roof coatings are your greener option. Their reflective properties mean that your energy consumption will decline that will reduce your carbon footprint. As opposed to the manufacturing of roof, the energy required in manufacturing roof coating is significantly less. The number of roofing materials that will be disposed in the landfill will also be greatly reduced.

How to Apply the Roof Coating

Prior to the application of the roof coating, you will need to prepare your roof first. Therefore, you will have to look at every section of the roof and find any damages or parts that need to be repaired. It will then have to be cleaned and clear from any debris. Sometimes, you will be compelled to use pressure washer. However, improper use of this cleaning equipment may result to more problems. Allow the professionals to complete the inspection and cleaning process to guarantee that it will proceed without any hitch.

Once this is done, a primer will have to be applied. This will help the roof coating to adhere better on your shingles. You may need to apply these multiple times until you reach your desired level of thickness. This coating will reduce the wear and tear acquired by your roof.

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