Oahu Roofing Contractors

Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need repair of one or two areas with leaks or other problems to be as good as new.

Roof Replacements

When your roof is in total disrepair, we remove your old roof, repair the roof deck, and replace the roof.

Roof Inspections

If you haven't had the roof looked at in the last 5 years, now is the time to do it to prevent problems!

Skylights / Vents

We install skylights to allow natural light into your home, as well as above industry standard vents.

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At Oahu Roof Contractor, our goal is your complete satisfaction with our roof work. This means providing you with best-in-industry service and products, at the most competitive prices possible, and providing you with an excellent roofing experience. We have serviced both homeowners and businesses in Oahu for more than 20 years, so you can trust that we understand the challenges of your specific roof issue, and can provide the correct solution with the highest quality work. Your roof is a essential part of your home, and our Oahu roof repair work ensures that your property value increases and your family is kept safe and secure for years to come. You can have confidence that our team of professionals will do the job right. Contact your local branch 24/7 to discuss your Oahu roofer needs and schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!


Oahu Roofing Tip of the Month: Why You Should Hire Professional Roofing Contractor Even on Simple Repairs

With all the online tutorial and video guides, most people are more inclined on doing DIY tasks. However, for something that is as complex and as important as our roof, you should not take your chances. You should hire the service of the professional roofer to avoid costly mistakes. Roof protects the foundation of our house and all the valuables and personal belongings stored inside. Allowing the professionals to carry out the task will assure you that your roof will remain in its good condition.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

The benefits that the expert roofer can offer to you greatly offset the cost. You should never hesitate to ask them to inspect your roof for possible damage. Most of them can offer their inspection service with no additional charges as a part of their service package.


The professional roofers have been conducting different roofing services for years. They have dealt with different customers and a variety of roofing system and materials. It is possible that they have come across similar problems related with your roof. Therefore, they will be delivering an appropriate result and minimize the possible errors and risks. They can guarantee that our roof will remain free from serious damage. They know the right techniques and materials to use for a long-term solution.


If you are scared about the initial cost of hiring roofer, you will soon realize that it is cost-effective. Since they have partnership with the suppliers, they can actually avail the materials at a more affordable rate. Apart from that, they are also armed with different equipment and tools that will help complete the entire repair works. Once you calculate the cost of purchasing materials, tools, and equipment, it will be a lot higher.

Excellent Materials

Perhaps the primary benefit of hiring the professional roofing contractor is the fact that you will have an access to high-quality materials. You can ensure that the solutions that they will offer will last for a long time. With the years of experience of the roofing contractors, they already know how to pick the quality materials that will be suitable for the style of your roof.


The professional roofing contractor will be offering warranty to their clients. The labor and material will be both covered by their warranty. This can give you an extra peace of mind knowing that the newly repaired roof is protected regardless of what might happen after the repair has concluded. If problem happened within the time-frame, they will repair the damage without extra charges.

Finally, roofers can greatly reduce the probability of encountering risks. When installing or repairing roof, accidents are fairly common especially for those who lack the experience. The professional roofing contractors are aware of the safety protocol and they are equipped with the protective gears to guarantee their safety. Perhaps you now understand that hiring the roofers is more beneficial than completing a DIY roof repair. They have the experience to detect the source of the problem and apply the appropriate fix.

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