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Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need repair of one or two areas with leaks or other problems to be as good as new.

Roof Replacements

When your roof is in total disrepair, we remove your old roof, repair the roof deck, and replace the roof.

Roof Inspections

If you haven't had the roof looked at in the last 5 years, now is the time to do it to prevent problems!

Skylights / Vents

We install skylights to allow natural light into your home, as well as above industry standard vents.

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At Kansas City Roof Contractor, our goal is your complete satisfaction with our roof work. This means providing you with best-in-industry service and products, at the most competitive prices possible, and providing you with an excellent roofing experience. We have serviced both homeowners and businesses in Kansas City for more than 20 years, so you can trust that we understand the challenges of your specific roof issue, and can provide the correct solution with the highest quality work. Your roof is a essential part of your home, and our Kansas City roof repair work ensures that your property value increases and your family is kept safe and secure for years to come. You can have confidence that our team of professionals will do the job right. Contact your local branch 24/7 to discuss your Kansas City roofer needs and schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!


Kansas City Roofing Tip of the Month: A Quick Guide to Metal Roof Tiles and Panels

Apart from asphalt shingles, the popularity of pressed metals is increasing steadily. It is not uncommon to encounter one or two structures that are using this material. Not many people will choose this option since they know too little about it. In this article, we will try to educate you about the metal roof panels and tiles to understand if this will suit your residential or business structure.

Different Types of Metal Roofing Materials

With regards to the roofing materials, 'metal' will cover a range of items. Each type of metal tiles and panels have differences in terms of appearance, price, and durability.

- Steel Panels- Steel is considered sturdier than aluminum but it is also heavier. Usually it is made from different layers that consist a layer of alloy. Steel panels are categorized according to their durability and performance. The two more popular choice would be the G-90 and G-60. G-90 is more affordable than the G-60 and is commonly used for low-end roofing panels.

- Aluminum- This is a lightweight roofing material, but it is vulnerable to damage and dent. If you live close to the coastal areas, this is a better option since it will not rust. However, most environmentalists expressed their concerns about the production of aluminum roofing due to the high energy required in manufacturing it.

- Copper Metal- This can last for a couple of centuries and will not corrode. Usually, the copper tiles will outlive the entire housing structure. The cost is around $1,800/square.

- Alloy Roofing- This is durable and strong. The entire cost will depend upon the specific material and the average cost is close to the price of copper tiles.

How Much Will It Cost

The pressed metal will usually cost higher than your conventional type of roofing material such as asphalt shingles. There should also be a striking difference in terms of the complexities. There are pressed metal tiles that require a unique technique to perfectly fit on irregular styles. Generally, roofing materials are priced according to 'squares'. One square equates to 100sqft. For the standing seam the cost will be around $700-$1,400. Cost of the metal shingles will be about $700-$1,000. In case the roofer will require tear-off, expect to add at least $100-$1500 on the cost per square.

Should You Install a Metal Panel and Tiles?

Installing roof is a complex matter and the process will be more intricate if it is a metal roofing system. It is best to inquire the roofing contractor if they have experience in installing pressed metals. Most roofer will focus on conventional materials and not a lot of them will be proficient in installing metal panels. Most distributors and manufacturers will require the roofing contractor to have a factory experience on installing the pressed metals before they will be certified to install it.

Perhaps the best way to find a roofing contractor is to ask a friend or a family member who acquired the similar service. Unfortunately, since metal roofing materials are uncommon, it is possible that people close to you are not acquainted with a roofing contractor. Your next best option is to search online for a qualified roofer.

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