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Roof Repair

Sometimes you just need repair of one or two areas with leaks or other problems to be as good as new.

Roof Replacements

When your roof is in total disrepair, we remove your old roof, repair the roof deck, and replace the roof.

Roof Inspections

If you haven't had the roof looked at in the last 5 years, now is the time to do it to prevent problems!

Skylights / Vents

We install skylights to allow natural light into your home, as well as above industry standard vents.

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At Jacksonville Roof Contractor, our goal is your complete satisfaction with our roof work. This means providing you with best-in-industry service and products, at the most competitive prices possible, and providing you with an excellent roofing experience. We have serviced both homeowners and businesses in Jacksonville for more than 20 years, so you can trust that we understand the challenges of your specific roof issue, and can provide the correct solution with the highest quality work. Your roof is a essential part of your home, and our Jacksonville roof repair work ensures that your property value increases and your family is kept safe and secure for years to come. You can have confidence that our team of professionals will do the job right. Contact your local branch 24/7 to discuss your Jacksonville roofer needs and schedule an inspection. We look forward to hearing from you!


Jacksonville Roofing Tip of the Month: Roof Maintenance Tips during Winter That Will Make Your Roof Last Longer

Our roof is essential in shielding our family and our valuables from the outdoor elements. To ensure that you will be ready to face the winter season, you will have to check if your roof is still in good condition. Roof maintenance should be a year-round task. However, you should be extremely focused during the winter since the freezing temperature and the accumulation of snow can damage our roof substantially.

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips to Protect Your House

Taking appropriate time to ensure that your roof is protected during winter is necessary. Today, we will list some of the recommended tips that will help you prolong the durability and lifespan of the roof and minimize the wear and tear during winter.

Remove the Snow Immediately

A snow-covered roof may appear like the image has been extracted from a postcard. However, this will also lead to damages if you ignore this problem. The snow can add a substantial weight on your roof. Precipitation may lead to ice dams once the snow melts. The pool of water that accumulates on your roof may cause rotting. If the water re-freezes, this will result to different problems. This can loosen your tiles or shingles and may create roof leaks.

Repair Your Flashing

When you are carrying out your roof maintenance task, you should look at your flashing. Even on the off chance that you installed the flashing appropriately, it can still become loosened or weakened as time goes by. In case you see some signs of damage, you need to have it fixed at once. Improper flashing will encourage the precipitation to enter our house. Once a high level of moisture accumulates, this can lead to leaks.

Inspect the Gutters

Perhaps one of most common places where precipitation may occur would be your gutter. It is essential to regularly check your gutter for possible presence of ice dams. In case you notice formation of icicles on your gutter, there is a build-up of precipitation around there. Once the gutter has been filled with ice, the gutter will eventually be weakened and will not be able to withstand the weight. In the end, it will destroy your roof.

Fixing the Damage of Wind

While ice and snow would be the first thing that you will think of when the winter comes, you should still pay attention to the possible damage of the wind. This can be as damaging as precipitation. Be sure to check your roof for signs of problems after a strong wind. Apply immediate repair on any section of the roof that have been compromised. Once the weather improves, conduct a long-term fix on the damaged part.

While there are maintenance processes that you can complete on your own, you should still hire the licensed roofing contractor if you want to ensure that your house will be in its quality condition. By allowing the experts to shoulder the responsibility, you can stay away from injuries and have an extra peace of mind.

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